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November 04, 2013


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Allow me to the first! The pillow on the bed made me go "whoa!"

As a collector of neutrals, I am both impressed and inspired by the photos you are showing here in this post. I wish I could've sat on that patio and sipped what looks like sangria and gotten the opportunity to interview this quilter.

Wonderful-looking book..... love the limited color-schemes.

Two thumbs up..... and looking forward to seeing you again next Saturday!

Chris T

Sally King

Loving neutrals like I do this looks is just awesome.
The pillows is like you said stunning. Would be
a great project. Good luck with the book.


I'm with you Kathy -- one of the best books I've purchased in a long time. I too wanted to run right to the quilting studio and start making one of the projects. But knowing which was my favorite and what to start first was the trouble! Love, love, love this book.


I agree - a very stunning cushion! I am loving the look of Pat's book!

Julie A.

Even if I don't win this book is defintely going to be both the colors and the projects.


I loved Pat's first book and I am even more in love with the pictures I have seen of this one. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy.


Pat's work is beautiful and her pillow ideas are exquisite! I would love to win her book and make some of those pillows for gifts!

Julie Boyer

Pat's book is so wonderful. It is such a fun read also. Since I already have the book, if I win I'll gift to my wonderful sister who quilts.


I think I'd be tempted to sneak that beautiful pillow in my luggage too.

What a great post. I would love to have Pat come help me decorate my home after I make many quilts, pillows and more using her books. Such an inviting home, just as heartwarming as Pat is in real life.



Fabulous projects - I love the black and white quilt!

Leiann Heid

Pat's work is awesome! I love her first book and can't wait to get her 2nd! She is an awesome lady! Thank you for a chance to win an E-book.


It was fun to hear your story of how you two hit it off so quickly. Sometimes friends are made that quick.
I love the idea of a more neutral quilt, balance all the crazy colorful modern quilts, and these designs are beautiful.


I love the Back Porch Pillow and your porch.

Sue Schultz

Hi Kathy! I love the photos. Like you I MUST make the back porch pillow. Really, every single quilt you posted makes me want to go sew. Thank-you for the opportunity to maybe win a copy of Pats beautiful book.

Susan C

Pats first book is one of my favorites, I know this new one will be just as wonderful!

Joan H.

Oh, I love these quilts!. I would certainly be thrilled to win this book so I could make one of these beauties.

Chris Gant

I have my copy of Pat's book and can't wait to get started on my first project! Since I can't part with my signed copy, I would love to win a copy to give to a dear friend...


Isn't it fun how much diversity there is in quilt making! I've been on a bold, colorful streak lately (after years of pastel palettes), and this book could take me off in yet another direction. Thanks for the chance.


Pat's book looks lovely. I love the quilt with the Irish chain above - the one where the material is such a pretty caramel color


Haven't seen one picture from her book that that I don't absolutely love. It is obvious to me that I could learn quite a lot from this book.

Karen M

Wow. I love that pillow! I need to go out searching for that neutral checked fabric. Another excuse to shop for fabric. Thanks for the chance to win.


I love everything about this book. I am a big neutral fan and that pillow fills my need for applique. The quilts are stunning.. Yep this is a winner.

Thanks for a chance.


This book looks great, and there are several things in there I'd love to get started on straight away.

Lisa Marie

This looks like a wonderful book, I'd love to make a quilt with neutrals. Although I think the patterns would work for whatever type of fabrics a quilter wanted to use.


Looks like a fantastic book! I love the subtle look of the stunning quilts, and I want to make each and all of them myself!


The book looks awesome!!! I would love to just sit down and read it. Get the neutral mojo running and make one of those beautiful projects from it. I would start with the table runner.

Rosemary Dempster

The colours in the projects are so soothing! I would find it difficult to choose which project to start first!! I love the 'Back Porch Pillow', but so are the hexagon flowers with the button vines, the blue quilt, the quilt on the cover - in fact all of them!! It looks a fabulous book!!


The quilts are lovely. Who woulda thought neutral quilts could be so beautiful?

Emily C

Those look so beautiful. Neutrals are key for everything.


The pillow is gorgeous, no wonder you were tempted. The quilts are beautiful too - it would be hard to choose which to start making first. Thank you for sharing it.

Sandy D

These quilts that I am seeing are gorgeous. Love the neutrals. It is a must buy. Thanks for letting us "see" them.

Brenda Hulsey

Looks like you had a wonderful stay! I love the look of the neutrals!

Kathy MacKie

I love everything neutral and would love to win, thanks for the chance.

Pat D

I love the tablerunner and the other quilts. Would love to win the book and make one of Pat's lovely quilts.


I'm in love with the Back Porch Pillow as well, so pretty! I can't wait to make something only using neutrals. Great giveaway, Thank You!



This looks like an inspiring book! Time to take a break from brights. Time to work with some calming neutrals. I'm ready! (By the way, Geaux Tigers! Sorry, couldn't help myself, even tho UGA beat LSU this year...)


I'm in love with Pat's neutrals except the black and white. I adore the pillow. Love her finishes.

Gidget Shenefield

This is a great looking book!
I can't wait to get my own copy...

Pam White

Hi, charming with subtle beauty. Love the cushion too. The book would be an awesome Christmas pressy. Thanks for the chance to win.


Oh be still my heart! I've found a new love, hehe. Love all the projects and this book is at the top of my wishlist! Beautiful!

Thank you for a super giveaway and the chance to win.



So great natural quilts you have made - a great book :-)
Thanks for the chance to win.

Kim M

I hear you on the Atlanta traffic! Driving around here is no fun sometimes.

I've just started quilting but I would love to work on a project with neutrals!

Sharon Judkins

Would love to win a copy of the book. Have been a fan of Pat's for a while now. I have her first book and this one looks just as good.


I think this book looks fabulous and makes me want to make a quilt using neutral fabrics.

Janis T

Lovely projects! I like the neutral look.


I love neutrals! This book would be perfect for me! Thanks for this opportunity to win a copy!

Karen Propes

I love, love, love the photos pictured. I have to admit I tend to stray away from neutrals, not that I don't love them, it's just getting use to how to use them to show them off as these pictures do. I would love this book, it would get me started and with beautiful patterns. Thanks for the chance.

Beth T.

These quilts are so beautiful--they remind me of gorgeous marble floors: stunning patterns that don't call attention to themselves but are mesmerizing once they are noticed.


This book inspires me to work with neutrals, which is quite a surprise to me. Brights have been my preference, so I've generally tended to avoid neutrals.


Neutrals play well in so many color schemes. Love the look!

Joyce Mitchell

I have a collection of neutral fabrics waiting to be used - so I'd love to win Pat's wonderful new book. Thanks for the chance.

Nancy of IN

What a treat for you. First hand you saw what was in the book. Wow. It is great.

Karen on Keuka

Wow Kathy! Thanks so much for the great pictures and the story to go along with it! Seems you and Pat have one of those friendships that can withstand differences about which SEC team is the best! ;) Especially love the appliqué pieces in the book... Stunning. Tell Pat thanks from me...

Debra Neiman

Neutrals have me hooked. I must make the Back Porch Pillow!!! I will definitely match the quilt I have on my bed right now. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com


Loved the pillow on the bed and would love to make it.

Karen in Breezy Point

Wow! The quilts(and the pat pillow)look awesome! How great that you and Pat were able to spend such a fun time together.

Pbee ...

The trend toward brights and pastels is pretty, but I am so drawn to neutrals and earth tones: they make my heart skip a beat. Now I know what I'm going to use my birthday gift card for if I don't win a copy. Thanks so much...the pillow might be the first project! Love hearing about your bonding time together...quilters are so special!

Donna Widerquist

This book looks wonderful. I know that whether I win or not, I need this book. Thanks for the chance to win.

Marilyn Kirby

I thought I loved jewel tones the best but lo and behold, my house is all done in neutrals. My subconscious was getting me ready for this book. I'll need to make several quilts and pillows and...


wow I love it, I love neutrals because they go with eveything!!!

Sharla T

great book, I love black and white quilts and see several patterns that I would love to do.

Kathie L

I love hexies, so the project with hexies appeals to me, as do so many other pictures. Thanks for the giveaway.

Mom C

Love the quilts that I've seen, would love to have the book. They projects all look very doable. Thanks.

Cher Merriman

Beautiful quilts! Everything in the book looks amazing and I would love to have a copy of this book.


I think this is definitely a "must have" book!! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.


Beautiful quilts. Hope the book finds a home at my house. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


Oh what beautiful neutral quilts! The bed quilt is so serene looking that I'm sure it would guarantee anyone a good sleep. Thanks for sharing!

Sandy Milo

I would love to own this book! Beautiful!

Linda P

Thank you for sharing so many beautiful photos! I can see Pat has a great eye for placement and accent. I could sit for hours on that porch! Maybe I could make my own porch pillow!!

Janet T

I love this book! I have the first one and can't wait to have the second one. Beautiful quilts!

Barbara Ross

Beautiful Book. Lovely designs and fabric combinations, My favorite is the pillow.


I love neutrals. i do think there is a talent to using them well, and it looks like Pat has done a great job defining that for us. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway...


My immediate reaction was "wow"! The projects are wonderful, and you are the luckiest gal ever to have been given the is like a work of art! Thanks for the chance!

Sandy M

I wouldn't be able to decide which to make first! Love this book even more than Pat's first and that one was fantastic!

I think this book as inspired me to look at using neutrals more in a quilt.

Robyn B

I think the book is lovely and has some beautiful patterns.


Love that pillow, and the table runner and the ....well I think I love it all! Great book. Thanks for the chance to win it.


Love everything I have seen. Beautiful


Beautiful patterns ! Looks like a great book.


Pat's book is awesome! Its on my Christmas List. Im not sure which one I would start on but would definitely make them all.

Carol Y

Wow - I really hope I win a copy of this book because it needs to be in my collection!


The projects look like fun and I love ecrus.

Diana Cruz

Love the neutrals. Such great patterns in Pat's book. It would be hard to decide which one to make first. :-)

Kathy Gentry

What a fabulous book! I love the patterns and I love the way she works with color. Gorgeous!

Linda Fleming

What a wonderful book. I love the bed pillow - the mix of light, medium and dark neutrals makes for a beautiful design!

Karrie Smith

I love the quilts in the book! Thanks for the chance to win.

Marilyn E

Boring beige? Not anymore. I wouldlove to win this book.


Beautiful! For the past few years, I've mainly been sewing with brights but I am loving more muted, neutrals now. I'd love to win this book! Perfect quilts for a houseful of menfolk like mine--husband and 5 sons!


I really love the pine tree neutral. Thanks for the chance to win this cool book

Linda Cartwright

I love this book. Neutral colors go with so many other colors.

Margaret Schindler

I love this book and would definitely want to buy it Thanks for sharing


I just love those projects. I love neutrals. Earthy tones and me have always been friends :)

Tina Gilley

I Would Love To Own This Book. Thank You For A Chance.

Jeanne Gwin

OMGosh my head is reeling with all the beauty that comes from this book. I know what you mean about squishing that pillow into your bag, it would have been hard to resist. Must make my own. Thanks for a chance to win this great E-book. It's my birthday today, could you squish my name into your hand? LOL

Vicki H

Great book, I would love to win it. Thanks for the chance.

Sandy K

Fabulous patterns it the book. Thanks for the giveaway.

Elizabeth McDonald

I would have thought that a "neutrals" quilt would be boring, and this author proves that they are anything but!


These quilts are just beautiful.


Knockout Neutrals is a book many many quilters would like to own, including ME!


Pat's book and quilts look wonderful, and I'm inspired to put my neutral fabrics to better use!
Thanks for sharing and the chance to win ...
and my DH says, Geaux Tigers!!!

from a dual-SEC householdin TX

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