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June 23, 2012


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It's a wonder! I feel like I have met new friends and learned new ideas, and visited with some old friends!! thanks for a very fun blog hop and the chance to win wonderful prizes!!!


I've loved seeing how others interpret the patterns and make them their very own. I've enjoyed the blog hop and would LOVE to win your grand prize! I'd start on it right away! Congratulations on your book.


Just came over from V and Co. Your book looks fantastic. Congrats!

Linda v

The most "wonderful" moment was discovering all the "wonderful" patterns in your new book! I was becoming a bit overwhelmed with how complex quilt patterns were becoming and I love the way this book put simple FUN back into fabric selection and piecing! Also, thanks for a "wonderful" week of meeting new quilt "shops"--it was a much-needed break from another wise difficult week. success!!


Just came over from V and Co. I am loving your book and a Twister Quilt!! What an awesome idea! I love it!

Mary Kastner

Love the quilt and the book looks great. Thanks for the chance.

Margaret R

I am visiting from V&Co. I love blog hops because I get to find new blogs to visit and see lots of new eye candy. I get so much inspiration from all of you wonderful bloggers. Thanks for all you do to inspire and teach us.


Each and every stop on the blog hop was fun, but the most wonderfully fun moment was finding YOU and your blog :-) Thanks for asking these amazingly wonderful "rock" star quilters to preview your book. They surely have my vote of confidence!

Jane Eilderts

I loved visiting each persons blog and reading about the book!! So much fun to see all the ideas. Thanks for everything!


I enjoyed Carrie's comments on
the quilts and her takes on how
5 fabrics can really make a fantastic quilt. The pictures were great. Thanks for sharing the book
with us.


I have been a follower of Carrie's blog for a few years. Through this hop I discovered new blogs. I am always looking for new sires. Your new book and designs are so fresh and exciting. Will look forward to finding this book at my favorite quilt shop


I can't wait to pick up your books! So happy V&Co featured you!


I found out about your new book thru Carrie'e blog and decided to hop along. Great way to see an upcoming book and will definitely get this for my library! Congrats on being published.

marcia e

I was just over at Vanessa's blog...but she didn't need to send me over, I stop by regularly-I love your blog and I can't wait to read your newest book and try out a pattern or two!

Amy C

My favorite was the Connect the Dots pattern in different color ways at Pam Kitty. Sure liked the yellow/gray color choices.

Wendy Ouellette

I guess it had to be Monday being introduced to your book. I love it. I love the fresh approach to some older patterns, I love how you can make just 5 fabrics look totally scrappy, and I love that I have a chance to win it. I still keep seeing the Jacobs Ladder in my mind and picturing it on my guest room love love it!

Julie Forslev

I loved seeing all the beautiful quilt patterns! And I only have to choose 5 fabrics!! I can do this!!

Lana Drum

I loved being introduced to your book and seeing the many ways the patterns were made. I will be looking for your other books now! Lana D.

Christi Fiedler

I love your book so great for someone like me who is a beginner quilter!! V and C sent me!

Lana Drum

Vanessa of V. and Company asked us to visit your blog and leave you a comment.....I like your idea of five fabrics to make such beautiful quilts. There are several in your book that I'd like to try. Your designs are great! Thanks! Lana D.

Christine B.

I loved seeing all the fabulous quilts from your lovely new book but the most WONDERFUL moment for me has been discovering some delightful new blogs which I hadn't visited before, including this one!! Thank you for all the FUN you have provided, I had a great time!!


It looks great an fun too make.
Thanks for this.

Kind regards,


Thanks for doing this I love your quilts and your book looks great. I am new at quilting but I find it is addicting and I love it. Thanks again,


Sorry, forgot to tell you that Vanessa (V&Co) told me to go and see you over here.


Lisa Mayfield

Followed a link from V and Co's blog (because she told me to, and I'm good at following directions, when I'm not busy being a rebel), where she wrote about your Take 5 books. They look great! Simpler is always better for me... I'm going to try to find a copy of these books soon. Have a great weekend!

Kathy MacKie

It was great to get to know these quilters better.


Discovering your blog through Carrie was the wonderfulness in the blog hop for me.

Do you have any idea how excited I'd be if I won your book and a kit to make that adorable quilt? Oh my goodness I'd be completely over the moon.

Blogless me

Your book blog hop - what a wonderful idea! Your blog hop hosts - some really wonderfully talented ladies! And last but by no means least - what a wonderful wrap-up of the presentation of a wonderful book!

Ooops, did I use "wonderful" a couple of times - nevermind ... thanks for a wonderful give away ;-)


I thoroughly enjoy blog hops to read what others have to say and SHOW. It's like the best sneak peek ever! You have great blog friends who had all positives to say about the book I want to win and the twister kit is just too good! I'd have to whip that up! Congrats!

Ruth Root

What a neat quilt! Thanks for posting.


Thanks for the opportunity to win your book! It's such an inspiration! I found you on the Internet and I'm amazed at the creativity - truly awesome and wonderful LOL!!!

Marjo B-W

First time I heard of a blog hop... I'm rather new in blogland, my blog is just 4 months old... But I'll have a throw at winning your book, it looks very inspiring and colorful, the things I like most in quilts!
Best regards from the Netherlands, Marjo B-W


It is amazing what you can do with just five fabrics! The quilts look great and the book seems to be a must have! Thanks for the chance to win one!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

It was a wonderful blog hop!! I loved all the peeks at the quilts~ and absolutely loved all the quilts! My mind was always wandering to fabrics I have and if I had enough for this or that quilt! LOL Thanks so much for the chance!


Tara sent me over today but I've been to all the blogs and had a great time finding new ones. Love the idea of just five fabrics and will be buying the book if I don't win. The most wonderful thing this week has been todays wrap up. A chance to win the book and the Twister kit......Oh Yeah!

Julie A.

I loved reading all of the blogs about the book and quilts. It was a wonderful time -- I looked forward to each day. Thanks :)

Kathie L

I've loved seeing the fresh colors you used, and the just 5 concept is a good one. I'm sure I have 5 ready to go. Thanks for the book tour.

Phyllis Manson

Thanks for the great fun and the opportunity


I really didn't think that 5 fabrics made a very exciting quilt since I haven't made a 5-fabric quilt, well, maybe ever. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the samples I've seen in the last week and realize I may have to change my mind about the number of fabrics to use. Of course, I could always choose 5 colours and many fabrics within those colour choices.


Tara sent me over - what a fun, fun quilt! My 20-something son & his friends play twister all the time and it would be really fun to make this for them!


Hi Kathy! I loved it when after visiting the wonderful blogs all week and entering to win your lovely book I discovered that SewCalGal was having a Friday giveaway of your book also. Woohoo! See 'About' in my profile for contact info. Thanks for a great giveaway. :)

Kate Brown

Well we have the same name LOL I keep having to do a double take ( I use both Kate and Kathy) Your book looks amazing. I am sitting on pins and needles hoping I win one. The best time I had was making plans on what fabrics I want to use for each of the quilts i fell in love with. I follow the sites you had doing the hop and I love all the ideas they had. So here is hoping I win coz I have big ideas for these patterns!

Kathy Longstreet

What an adorable "beach ball" quilt! That's the first name that popped into my head when I saw the bright colors! Think I'm going to have a look into getting the book for our Guild library.


Oh, i think playing Twister would be a lot of fun on this quilt!


It was wondeful to find new blogs to explore....the twister, yeah!

Linda M

I came over from V & Co web site. Love the idea of using only 5 fabrics. It makes quilting less daunting! I would love a chance to win the Twister kit!


Your book looks wonderful - can't wait to see it in person!


V and Co sent me over after I looked at your great book. Love it when we are shown new ways and ideas. Congratulations on this success.


hopping over from vanessa. just wanted to say that i'm definitely going to make this twister quilt. what a perfect summer picnic quilt! thanks.


This was a great hop! I love seeing all the different projects. Thanks for the fabulous inspiration :). Love the Twister quilt!


This was a great blog hop, enjoyed all the blog hosts and can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this wonderful book....thanks for all your inspiration!!


I am loving your book...can't wait to get it....and thanks for the chance to win the cute Twister Quilt!! I promise to make it right away and give it a good home!

Kathy Lancaster

I had so much fun seeing what everyone was saying about your book. Would love to win it.


It was wonderful to see pictures of the quilts in your new book. Looks like another to add to my library!


Exciting news on the kit giveaway.....if I didn't miss the time line?

Congrats on the new book!!

Stella Snyder

Good morning, I'm at work this morning, & just looking @ the Twister kit reminds me of fun times as a kid when we played that game. No way, now I could play with all my aches & pains. Your books has many beautiful pictures. Thanks for opportunity to win kit. Thanks, Stella


Hello! Stopping in from V and CO.'s blog! It is nice to discover a new blog to explore! Can't wait to take a peek in your new book More Take 5 Quilts! --Vanessa

Nicole B.

My favorite part was seeing all of the unique quilt designs. I love that I just have to pick 5 of my favorite fabrics for each of those great quilts. Great job!!


I have not yet tried piecing curves, but the Twister quilt is adorable! (Vanessa sent me!)

Colleen M

I know I'm too late to enter but I still want to comment:) The most wonderful part of the blog hop was not only getting to see part of this book but also meeting some wonderful designers. Thanks for sharing.


Love the twister quilt, and your sleepy kitty!

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