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June 20, 2011


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The blog tour was great. I have seen the ruler before, but thought it "weird". Now I am interested to give it a try. Thanks!

Mary Flynn

I spy my name and will email you. Thank you! I'm so anxious to check this out! I've done a book blog tour before for Kim Brackett and thoroughly enjoyed giving a review from my point of view and this is what I enjoy about blog tours. It was fun to read what each of your quilters had to say about their thoughts of the ruler and sharing what they came up with in blocks as well. Your brilliant! Loved that you had the odd ruler and thought what the heck...what does this thing do? Boy...can we all relate!!

Sandy Narayan

I loved the tour! Congrats to the winners! Since I was not a lucky winner, I am definitely looking for that book and ruler at my LQS.=)

Mama Dub

I always enjoy a blog hop. And learning about a new tool like this ruler is great. Being able to see many of the quilt patterns in a new book is so helpful. Thanks.

Andie Gardiner

I think blog hops are the bomb! I get to see lots of different ideas, and at my leisure. Keep up the good work!


I thought the tour was a lot of fun and all you had to do was comment not jump through hoops so I hung in there! Thanks and I just got an Amazon gift card to spend so this book is on the list!

Caroline May

EEEEEEK!!!! This has absolutely made my day! I can't wait to get started on a Penny Candy quilt!!

This tour has been wonderful. Each of the quilters on the hop are very talented quilters that brought a lot of their own character to your quilt patterns. I enjoyed seeing how such a strange looking ruler could be used to help quickly assemble a quilt (GREAT for last minute gifts!). And they all did a tremendous job as your sales reps! By the third blog I was hooked, and was planning a trip to my LQS to get myself your book and that ruler! Good job!

julie love

The Blog Tour was great! I enjoyed reading all the posts! You inspired me to ask an out of state quilt shop to host a mini retreat/class just for me and 3 friends using your book & ruler - Melanie happily agreed so we go to Front Porch Quilt Shoppe in Ozark, AL on July 9th for a fun weekend making Strip Smart Quilts!! All because of your blog hop - thanks!


I thought the blog hop was very informative and lots of fun too.Very inspirational seeing the different fabrics used by the designers in your quilt blocks. Thank you.


Such a blog tour is a great idea! It was informativ, fun and now I really want to have this book and ruler!(Lol)Great inspiration! Thanks so much and congratualtions to the winners!

Angela N.

The blog tour was amazing. It was great getting to see all those ladies quilt examples and tell us how easy they were with your book. Thanks so much!!!


I loved the blog hop. I have done a few. I enjoy reading what all the other quilters have to say and it has also helped me to find so many more blogs to read (as if I needed more) and that keeps me inspired and sewing new things. Thanks agaim.


The tour introduced me to the ruler. It's not something that I would normally want, but now I do! I want to make all the projects I've seen from the book.


I think the blog tour was great! It's nice to get a little peek of things before you buy. . . And I love seeing how that ruler worked too :)


Mary Kastner

Seeing all the quilts made from this book and ruler was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the tour. Congratulations on a great new book and ruler.


Congrats to all you lucky winners (said through my pout and sniffle)! LOVED the blog hop. Was great to see the tool "in action" and get others feedback on it. Most likely would have passed this tool by at the store, but not now! And the book...with all the yummy patterns? On my must-have list for sure!

Ann in NC

Great job with the blog hop! It is nice to see a wide variety of designers participate and to gain insight from each. It was fun to check out some new-to-me blogs. Don't really have any suggestions on how to make something good even better.

shelly j

It sounds like the blog hop was a complete success. Congratulations. I know I would not have considered buying the ruler until seeing all the creative ways to use it in the book. Both the book and ruler are now on my list of must haves.

Sandy Rowe

I love blog tours. They are a good way to meet new designers and new friends. Thank you!

Karen in Breezy Point

It was a fun blog hop and great to see the various projects in the book. I'll be on the look out for the book and the ruler!
Karen in Breezy Point


Congratulations to all the winners, sadly I wasn't one of them! But I enjoyed the blog hop and will be looking out for this book and ruler.

Cindi P.

Even if I didn't win the free book and ruler (congrats to the people who did), I am still a winner because I got lots of great ideas for quilts to make. Thanks for the tour !!! I will be looking for the ruler and book at my LQS!!!


I really enjoyed the tour and thought it was all great! thanks!!


I enjoyed the book tour even though my name isn't on the winners list. I love seeing new books and tools with examples of how to use them. I guess I need to go hunt these down at my LQS. Thanks for the ride.

Elizabeth McDonald

I enjoyed the blog tour! I feel happy that I got so many introductions to this great new book!


I too enjoyed the book tour. Seeing all the beautiful quilts and blocks was inspiring. Congratulations to the winners and to you for your beautiful book and ruler.

Amy Young

Congratulations to all of the winners. I've enjoyed the tour! Happy Monday! Amy

Lana Drum

I've enjoyed your blog tour. It was a great idea to promote your book and give us the feeling of "thumbing through the pages". Hope we do this again sometime - Lana

Marcia Tipton

The tour was fun, the book looks great, and the ruler is innovative! I love the internet - without it I would never have seen such neat things - Thanks so much!

Toni Anne Potter

This was my 2nd blog hop, I will hop again. It was so much fun seeing all the different blocks. Different takes on the same block. Seeing what a weird looking ruler is capable of doing. Finding new blogs and designers is so much fun. Also I can't believe I won. Oh happy me!!! ;)

Lisa Marie

I really enjoyed the blog tour. Sometimes when you see a book online, it's hard to tell just what it's all about. And I can't often find them locally to flip through them. So the blog tour helps me to know which books have quilt patterns that will appeal to my tastes. This book looks like a winner! Since I (sadly) didn't win a copy, I'm going to try again for the last prize. I'm hoping that having the drawing on my 25th wedding anniversary will bring me luck! Thanks for the fun and for the chance to win.

Julie Forslev

The blog tour was very informative. I have actually already purchased the book from my LQS, but didn't realize that I needed the ruler to help make the quilts so much easier. I will be needing to get that ruler very soon! Congratulations to all of the winners!


I enjoyed the tour all the way! Loved to hear about the experience of the different hosts.
Next time I am in the states, I hope to find the book and the ruler!
Congratulations to all the lucky winners (o:

Lee Ann L.

the tour was great! I do have a question. Where can I get both the book and the ruler as a package? I've done a little searching and failed to come up with the combo for sale.


Thank you for such a great blog tour. I really enjoyed participating and found a few new blogs to add to my favorites. I've seen this ruler before, but now that I know what it can do I can't wait to get one and your book (of course!).


Congratulations to all the winners. It was fun to hop with happy quilters and blog friends. Thank you for the inspiration.

Marja van de Nes

I really loved the Blog Hop! I like to see how everyone has her own point of view of the book. What I also like about blog tours is that I discover new interesting blogs where I can come back again, just for fun. I work at home at the computer and in a break I love to browse a few blogs. It's so nice to travel the world this way. Hugs from the Netherlands!

Joni H

I really liked the book blog hop, it helps to see so much variety from one book. Enjoyed my 10 days hopping.


Congratulations to the winners. I think the tour was a big hit. It's always fun to blog hop and see what's new and what others are doing.

Sherry Book

Here's my comment about your recent book tour: "FUN" with all capital letters! It's so enjoyable to "meet" new people on the internet, see what they're making, and get a chance to win things..yay! Congrats to all involved.


loved the blog tour and found every quilt beautiful. who would have ever thought strips and a ruler could do so much?!!Hard to choose a favorite. thanks for hosting . Janita

Linda in PA

The blog tour was great! I found some new inspiration along the way. Your ruler and book are really great. Thanks.


I enjoyed the blog hop and seeing the book and especially the ruler and how it works. I too would have passed by it before and wondered wth does this do? But now I know how great it is, i will look for both in my LQS. Thank you an Congrats to the winners. Luba


The blog tour was a great way to see other designers' perspective on the ruler and book plus the bonus of seeing all the wonderful quilts and blogs. And best of all, it was a lot of fun!

Mary Ann

I very much enjoyed the tour. its fun to see how everyone approaches style, color and fabric. I do enjoy going to new blog and meeting new friends too. Thanks for the chance to be inspired!

Robin Chapa

The blog tour was AWESOME! I found some new fav blogs, and of course, there is a new "must have" book I know all about there. Thanks for the time and effort you put into both the tour and the book..... happy quilting to you!
[email protected]


I loved the blog hop. Even though I didn't win, it exposed me to some new and wonderful quilting blogs! Thanks so much!!!


I was a winner, and I'm thrilled!! Thank you so much! I loved the blog tour and seeing how the ruler was used to make some gorgeous quilts was just so interesting and informative! I think having a blog tour without jumping through hoops is so much better than a long list of to-dos! I enjoyed it all very much! Thanks again!

Sara F

I always enjoy a "blog hop" because we get to see blogs we might not have found yet. And we get to see creative ideas from those bloggers. Thanks for hosting!


It was just the right length not too complicated and I enjoyed seeing the concepts each blogger took from the ruler and book. I will be purchasing it very soon!


LOVED the book to see everyone's pictures and check out blogs I haven't seen before. So many lovely ideas!!


Daily dose of creativity
+ Fresh new twists
+ Meet & Greet info
+ stirring of minds into creative juices flowing =
An insight was priceless
Thank you all!
Now to run out & get that book and ruler...



Congratulations on a new book and a very successful tour! I had a great time visiting these amazing blogs, reading all the positive feedback in the comments, and most of all, seeing the quilts and blocks that were created with the book and ruler! I have added both items to my "must have" list!

Kathie B

Even though I was not a winner the book hop was a fun activity :)


Thank you so much for the blog tour so we were able to get many different opinions and views of both your book and the ruler.

Congratulations to all the winners. I'm sure you'll all be thrilled when you can start playing with the book and that awesome looking ruler.


Thanks for the Blog Hop - I got to see a few blogs that I haven't seen yet. I'm excited to see your book & ruler in my local craft store!


Congrats to all the winners - this was a fun blog hop!

that was a fun hop - hope to run around with you again. Each stop along the way had something inspiring to take away. Thanks to each of them and you Kathy.

Lynelle Perschino

I enjoyed it very much, even though I came in at the end of it. I love getting to see new blogs to visit. Great job ladies!


Congratulations to the winners!!

Thank you Kathy, I really enjoy blog hops, especially when I find new-to-me blogs. Your book and ruler look awesome!

Sheila Snyder

The blog tour was wonderful. I found several new sites that I will "revisit" and I have much more confidence in using that great looking ruler. Thank you.

Carol D.

Congratulations to all you winners! I really enjoyed this blog tour and can't wait to start a project from this book. Thanks for all the fun!


This hop was great! Not only did I see some wonderful quilt designs and visit some new sites, I now have a need for a new ruler and book. Won't my hubby be delighted! Thanks to all of you...sorry to see it end.

Penny Holliday

Kathy ~ I enjoyed the The Strip Smart Quilts blog hop so much w/ all the different blocks/quilts & hints your book inspired frm such a variety of great well known quilters! Also, what I thought was a very funny looking ruler is truly a very useful tool & I need! I appreciated being introduced to some new wonderful blogs, also! Gotta run now to my LQS to try to purchase the book & ruler!!


this was a great tour i really liked that each person put their own spin on a quilt!! thanks so much


I enjoyed the blog book tour. It was nice to see what pattern and fabric each blogger used. Thanks for the fun reading each day!


The blog-hop was sew fun! I love the ideas that spring from these hops and the new-to-me blog sites I get to visit. So even if I don't win a prize, I still win: new sites, new friends, new ideas!
S. E. Wenstrand
(yes, my initials spell SEW)

Kell C

I love finding new blogs to read! Also it's fun learning about new products in the quilting world that I may not see in my LQS.

Thanks for the fun giveaway!


Congratulations to the winner.
The blog hop was amazing,love to see how one block can change using a different color fabric.Thanks to all you!!
I haven`t seen before the ruler.Now a need one.

Vicki ♥

I thoroughly enjoyed the blog hop and really liked how each one gave insight into your book and hints on the ruler. It was all good :) thanks again. Hugs Vicki

Sandie ~call me crazy

Congratulations to the lucky winners! I really enjoyed reading each person's review. Thanks for the fun!

Bari Jo

This was fun to follow! Very inspired to make some of these quilts! Can't wait to find the book and ruler!!! Loved the peaks into the book! Have a jelly roll I hated to cut into... this made me decide it is time! :O) Bari

Deb G. in VA

I loved the blog tour. It's great to get a peek at the quilts in the book and insight from someone actually using the ruler. Thanks!

Barb Colvin

Blog hops are always a fun way to meet other quilters. When the hop is to introduce a new book, I like getting the different perspectives--helps me decide if the book is for me or not. Of course, who can resist the giveaways that often go along with the tour. This tour was especially interesting because we got to see the companion ruler in action.


The blog tour was fantastic. I hadn't come across your book before but it's been added to my "must get this" book list :)

Jessica Rassler

The blog tour was great and thank you so much for doing it. I learned alot about your ruler, projects I can do with strips, etc., and LOVED reading the participants' blogs. I am excited to get your book and use some of the fabrics I saw on the blog tour. Thank you again!

Marcia W.

Hope that this comment "takes". I thoroughly enjoyed this blog book tour because of the great photos of wonderful quilts; the interpretations by each blog host (still love the fish block); and the humor. of course, I love reading blogs and giveaways too.


I love blog tours! I always learn new things and get to know a few hosts that I want to follow. Keep 'em coming!

Kathy H

I had a great time with the blog tour. I already followed some of the blogs and then found a few new ones I liked too. I really enjoyed all the pictures of the projects in the book. Lots of fun.


Hi Kathy - I thought this was one of the most interesting book blog tours so far. What made it interesting was seeing how several of the quilt blocks were cut with the ruler and then how each of the blocks went together. It was also fun to see some photos from inside the book compared with the quilt made by the blog host. All in all, it was very interesting and I think your book and ruler will be added to my quilting tools and library.


Great book tour and happy to find some great blogs to read. Thank you.


I am definitely more interested in the ruler and book after the tour. It looks like a real time saver, and I'm all about that! I'm going to suggest my LQS get the ruler in.


Loved the tour. Found some great new sites.

Carol Sc

I thoroughly enjoyed the blog hop and seeing all the different approaches to the quilts. These "hops" expose us to many different and interesting quilters. Thanks for scheduling it.


Enjoyed the tour and visiting a few new blogs as well. Thank you providing the info about ordering the book and the ruler, my local quilt shop (50 miles away), does not have the ruler or the book. Thanks again.


The blog tour was great - the ruler looks like a fantastic tool that I 'NEED' - didn't win so guess I'll have to search where to buy the book/ruler combo. Thanks!

Darlene B

I always enjoy seeing these blog tours for new books. Just seeing the different looks of the projects made with different colorways is always so fascinating! Thanks so much for sharing your talent...


I enjoyed looking and seeing how each quilter interpreted your quilt ideas. Thanks for the hop. Kathy

teresa mk

Thanks so much for such a great blog tour. I so enjoyed visiting new blogs, learning about the ruler and seeing each person's interpretation of a pattern. It was a great!


I enjoyed the blog tour. What a great way to introduce new products. Congrats to all the winners.


I loved the tour. It was great fun going to everyone's blogs! Great pictures and comments about the book and ruler from those that hosted the blog!....I'm on my way to the local quilt shop in hopes of finding the book there!


Congrats to the winners. I have fun on the book tour and enjoyed checking out some new blogs.

Sue Bone

Throughly enjoyed visiting favourite blogs on the hop and adding new blogs to my daily reading list. :)

Christelle Taquet

The blog hop is a hit, I love finding new blogs to read and it's fun learning about new products in the quilting world this way So thanks again and congratulations to the winners


I enjoyed seeing what everyone chose to make from the book as well as that RULER
would be fun for me to play with and make the quilt on the cover of your book...
i was so hoping to win! congrats to all the lucky winners...


What a fun blog hop! Thank you to everyone that participated! Congratulations to all of the winners!


I've seen that ruler at quilt shows here in the UK but couldn't really work out what to do with it. Well, now I know! The book and ruler are now on my wish-list. I enjoyed the blog hop a lot, and got to know some new bloggers. Thank you.


Cool Ruler.


The blog hop was great, its fun to visit new blogs.
Congrats to all the winners!

Martha Raiford

First blog tour I have participated in and I loved it. Seeing everyone's site (joined a few) and all the beautiful quilts. So sorry I didn't win, but I have already bought the book and now will buy the ruler.

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